About me

I work on the development of a radically integrated understanding of life, cognition, and culture under the physics of self-organizing, “creative” systems. I am developping a framework to represent how cognition “creates” reality by projecting meaning onto their environment, and what it means for our understanding of knowledge as well as for the evolution of the universe and of human societies. This brings my research at the interface of mathematical physics and philosophy, although I remain focused on the concrete implications of those consideration for cognitive and social systems. In particular, I want to reformalize the study of historical dynamics in terms of the construction and erosion of social constraints.

I currently work as a PhD student in cognitive science at the University of Sussex (Department of Engineering and Informatics) financed by the XSCAPE project, focusing on the co-evolution of the human mind and material culture. I am also a research advisor for the Active Inference Institute, and the Vice-president of the French Society of Cliodynamics. Finally, I’m a founding member of Kairos Research, a participative research & scientific mediation collective which focuses on developping a “complex systems” approach to historical dynamics which helps us navigate ongoing socio-historical dynamics.

I have a broader commitment to reveal what’s below sensible reality and beyond the means of our linguistic grasp. This is why I’m interested in various ways to convey meaning without the need for formal language, from (classical) graphical design to creative ventures. I am especially interested in exploring the ethics of impermanence through graphism and fiction. I write stories exploring how actors struggling to impose meaning onto a shifting and ultimately inaccessible reality, and how this process ultimately shapes the evolution of human societies.

You can find me on OSF, Github, or contact me by mail or Matrix. If you like my work or I helped you in some way, please consider making a donation via LiberaPay or Ko-Fi (as I am currently employed, those donations will serve for the development of Kairos Research or be redistributed to fellow travellers in need).