I have spend the last few years weaving the outline of an uchronical fiction on spirituality, power, and history. It focuses on the rise to geopolitical hegemony and following demise of the Temple of Tyr, a gnostic warrior cult born from religious feuding on the marging of the Byzantine, then Ottoman Empire. The fiction is constituted by a web of related multimedia stories conveying the perspective of particular agents in the world shaped by the Temple, each seeking to capture specific aspects of the broader historical dynamics at play.

The central goal of this project is to illustrate the nature of political power, as well as the degree to which historical dynamics escape the control of any given agent. The ethics and institutions of the Temple are progressively exposed to reveal an underlying philosophy of power beyond control, accepting the natural flow of the world but recognizing the ability to shape it as the only kind of spiritual virtue. Yet, although the Temple succeds in weaving characters into their expected roles, its internal imbalances come into play and unleash a bloody internal war.

Exerpts will be published as I see fit.